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Sports tours

Mount climbing, cycling, trekking and hiking are under this group.

Mount Tochal, 3964 m high, in north of Tehran and mount Alam kooh, 4848 m high, with a wall up to 800 m high and mount Sabalan, 4811 m high, and mount Damavand the highest mountain of Iran, 5630 m high, are 4 highest mountain in Iran which you can climb and trek on them with us.

Existence of mountain range Alborz in north of Iran and mountain range Zagros in west side, with about 600 summits up to 4000 meters high in these ranges, make Iran an attractive place for climbers.

You can climb every / all of them with us.

Withal you are able to mix cultural and desert and climbing or trekking tours in private tours.

Sports tours