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Off the beaten track places in Iran!
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Despite the country’s rising popularity, it’s quite easy to get off the beaten track in Iran! Here’s 8 of our favorite off the beaten track places in Iran, plus 5 places we don’t think are worth the trip out.

Walking around the central square of Esfahan, Iran, it might be hard to tell that Iran has been closed off from the world in recent decades. Throngs of elderly German and French tour groups cluster around mosque entrances, Chinese teenagers roam through the endless bazaar alleys, and you might even hear the odd Brit or American accompanied by their mandatory guide. Thanks to the country’s liberal new visa on arrival program and its firm spot on many a “Top X places you need to visit ASAP or else you’ll die” listicle, Iran’s popularity is skyrocketing.

But that doesn’t mean you need to suffer perpetual crowds! Despite backpacking in Iran for two months of the high season, we saw almost no foreigners the second we left the tourist track.

Where is the “tourist track” in Iran?

As with any country, there’s a must-see list of cities that most tourists will visit:
Kashan and Kerman, for those that have time

All incredible cities, but also the most frequented. Luckily, for those looking to get away from the sort-of crowds (or those that just really hate other people), it’s quite easy to get off the beaten track in Iran.

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